Tendencies is a printed bulletin featuring pieces on: poetry, art, football, fashion, politics & people by those with socialist tendencies…

So far there have been three printed issues; three radio shows; three launch parties and one run of merch. Who knows what could be next...

Issue 3 launched online on May 1st '21! and after restrictions eased we celebrated at BOOKS Peckham (before we were turfed out and had to go park lol)

The latest issue is a six colour riso printed bulletin featuring text and image, over eight sheets, from 16 different contributors and comes in a hand printed envelope… It is now sold out.

To mark the launch of issue 3 we did a special MayDay broadcast on No Bounds Radio! You can listen back here! The show also went out the following day on Repeater Radio. Many thanks to them!

You can also listen back to readings of issue 1 and issue 2 (both 30 mins!) and keep up to date with us on instagram.

Using the PayPal links you can buy enamel pin badges (18mm) and embroidered patches (60mm) of the solidarity forever flag (or just DM us on instagram!). If you would like to support us to guarantee future issues then you'd be very welcome to donate here. If there are other ways you'd like to support us or be involved then please DM on insta. Solidarity forever xxx

Enamel Pin Badge:

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